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Paula Williamson - Midnight Card
Paula Williamson - Bee Mine Card
Paula Williamson - Jolly Card
Paula Williamson - Happy Pumpkins Card
Paula Williamson - Happy 1st Birthday Card
Paula Williamson - Heartfelt Card
Paula Williamson - Merry Card
Kay Miller - Cinnamon Card
Kay Miller - Midnight Card
Kay Miller - Happy Pumpkin Card
Jeanie Witmer - Bubbly Celebrate Card
Helen Cryer - Bubbly & Sunny
Helen Cryer - Jolly
Kelly Booth - Hello ard  inside
Kelly Booth - Jackson Card - open
Kelly Booth - Ruby and Joey Card 2
Joy Taylor - Willa in the woods card
Jeanie Witmer - Snow Card
Joy Taylor - POD-Chip-with-Mushrooms
Sandy Allnock - Snow on Bridge Card
Donna Mikasa - Snow Tags
Paula Williamson - Elliot Happy Birthday Card
Paula Williamson - Oliver Happy Birthday Card
Jeanie Witmer - Flora Card
Karin Akesdotter - Peanut Book Mark
Karin Akesdotter - Blueberry
Judity Gowdy - Rosie
Dorcas Perkins - Freckles and Tucker Hello Sunshine card
Donna Mikasa - Holly and Filbert Pillow Boxes
Donna Mikasa - Christmas Tree
Donna Mikasa - Cheers
Donna Mikasa - loveliveshere
Donna Mikasa - Home Sweet Home - Have a great day card
Stockings Warm Winter Wishes
Donna Mikasa - cupsofjoy
Kay Miller - Icicle Believe Card
Kay Miller -Snowy Season's Greetings
Kay Miller -Snowy Believe Card
Kay Miller - Winterberry Gift Box
Kay Miller -Frost Ornament