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December 04, 2008


Christine Villacarlos

not quite ready for the new year, but am definitely looking forward to new stamps :)

love the perpetual calendar :D


LOVE LOVE LOVE these designs!!! So many great uses in cardmaking, scrapbooking, and journal use. PERFECTION!!


I love the perpetual calendar but they are both fabulous!!!!!!

mandie segura

I LOVE the perpetual calendar! So fun!


i love both of them, but my fave is the vintage one!


The perpetual calendar is so neat! I love it! How much fun is that?!

hilde janbroers

these are amazing!!!


I love the vintage calendar stamp, I can already imagine the cards I will make with it.

Pamela Young

Love these calendar stamps! Awesome! :)


OH MY GOSH - I LOVE them!! If pressed to choose one, I would probably pick the vintage calendar stamp, only cause I stink at lining up stamps correctly. I also like the look of stamping the entire year calendar out and then circling the date on layouts and cards and invites, etc.

But the perpetual calendar is also perfect.

I might just have to get both!!

Maria S

Love the perpetual calendar! Especially the font on the second one. What a great idea!!


Yes, i'm ready for the new year and with those stamps it will start great!

Vicki R in OH

What a Great idea to make a Perpetual Calendar to be able to use year after year!
Love the design!


They are both great, but I LOVE the perpetual calendar stamp!!!

Becca Shogren

Beautiful calendar designs! I like the Vintage Perpetual Calendar!


The Vintage Perpetual Calendar is the awesomest ever! ; ) Yup, if you have that one you won't ever need to buy another.

Happy holidays!



I really love the Vintage Perpetual Calendar set. The versatility is great! Love it, love it!


That perpetual calendar is amazing! So many ideas to use that one for!


What a nice stamps, I like the perpetual calender. Nice when you make your own calendar


my favorite is the Perpetual Calendar Set Sample!!

i would love to win it!


Amy W.

I found your fabulous giveaway on Stephanie's blog...these are wonderful. My favorite stamp is a free one!!! They are all so great!


WOW! What a choice. I like them both for different reasons. Probably the perpetual is more long term versitle, but I just always love your mini ones each year so am going to have to go with it!!!


Wow, both are very cool - but I LOVE the perpetual calendar. :)

Anne Washington

I love the perpetual calendar but the vintage one is cute too :-)


love the perpetual one! soooo awesome! :D

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