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October 30, 2009



my daughter will be a witch, I've just posted a scrapbooking page on my blog and my son a skeleton
thanks for the giveaway


so happy to hear your daughter is feeling better!
sale...hmm, a little retail therapy on a rainy fall day sounds great, thanks Michele!! :)

my older two are attending parties this year tomorrow night - he is going as Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys when he dressed up as some green wrestler guy, and my daughter is going as a fairy - both costumes super cheap and more importantly worked for the teenager crowd lol!!
my youngest is still able to trick or treat - he is going as a skeleton this year. We have a storm coming in tonight for this weekend - I'll be the one with the umbrella and hot chocolate in hand as we head out tomorrow night.
I wanted to go as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - but I couldnt find a pair of red glittery shoes in my size...guess that happens when you leave it til the last minute lol!

have a great halloween everyone :)

Lisa Plumb

Glad your daughter is better!
Thanks for the overstock sale. I love a sale!
I don't have kids yet and I am actually not dressing up for Halloween this year so no good ideas to contribute.


a dino and a shark


Glad your daughter is feeling better! This year I'm wearing a green t-shirt with a big felt P stitched to the front, and have black around my eye. I'm a black-eyed pea! :)


I turned my 3 year old into the Little Green Sprout one year. I simply cut a plain shaped leaf out of green, inexpensive fabric. Then I used bright green fabric paint to create veins on them. Once dry, I tacked them all over his green sweatshirt and pants. He was adorable but insisted on not wearing the hat!


My older son is wearing one of those inflatable costumes-he is a cowboy on a horse and my youger son is dressing up as Commander Cody (a stormtrooper from Star Wars).

TerriB in Oregon

I am running the door, but our two Miniature Pinschers will be dressed as a pumpkin and a ladybug! The trick or treaters love the dogs being in costume!

Glad the daughter is better and love the giveaways! Those stamp sets are fab!

Debbie Kaste

Glad to hear your daugher is feeling better and happy to hear you are having a sale:) The new stamp sets are wonderful!

For trick or treat we are just going to wear our Halloween sweatshirts. Nothing real exciting but it's the only time of the year we can get some wear out of them....

Linda C.

A witch!!

Gail S.

So many cute ideas out there - my kids are all grown up but we dress up at work and this year I am going as a nun!

Kriss Cramer

My son is one of the lead singers from ZZ Top. I cheated a little bit. I made him this costume for the talent show at school and recycled it for Halloween. It sure did save some time. :)

Stephanie Zito

My 2 year old and 3 year old girls are going out as "Thing #1" and "Thing #2" (from Dr. Suess). We had to order in these costumes but they are absolutely adorable (and warm as we are in Northern, Ontario Canada - brrr!). Red fleece bodies with the bright blue hair. I can't wait to see them out in them!


Very fun ... we did a parody of SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy at the office ... I dressed as P!nk, although my husband said I looked more like P!nk in 10 years :^)

melinda wilson

I am glad your daughter is feeling better and back to school. Also, I would love to win!!

Prairie Girl

I won't be dressing up this year, but I loved my 50's style 'housewife' costume from last year. =)

Debi Wind

I am dressing up as an original Cigar Girl. They were popular in the 20's & 30's.

Janet Sisk

I work at a school and we have a new principal this year who let the staff all dress up, too! I was a blind referee! I had a ref uniform on with a white cane with a red tip and sunglasses on. It was fun! My daughter dressed up as a dog so that evening we went to her bowling party as a blind ref with her seeing eye dog! It was hysterical. Thanks for a chance to win!

sheila c. titcombe

Think I am much to lat to post this ..... grand-daughter Holly is dressing up as a cat, her cousin Lily is doing the same and two year old Lukey is going out as a bat ......... spooky

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